Marine life is fascinating. As human beings we love to explore every depth of the planet earth. We find it intriguing to see how life underwater lives differently than we do. We especially like learning about the very deep ocean which was only opened up to us knowledge wise in the last 15 years. We have discovered many New species since then and are continuing to find more every day. We can watch specials on Netflix or the discovery channel but seeing it up close and personal makes the experience all the more special. Luckily we can explore the deep ocean safely at places like Seaworld.
Gold coast accommodation puts you close enough that you can go on daily​ trips to see your favorite marine life in action. Seaworld of course has all of the best marine life shows available, but they also have educational programs bringing you years of research into an afternoon. They also have more than just marine life bringing you the best polar bear exhibit available.
Polar Bear Shores can be visited on one of your day trips when you stay at an amazing Gold coast accommodation.​ This is the only attraction in Australia where you can see these mystical bears up close. Through the conservation efforts of sea world, they are educating the public on the dangers of global warming on the Polar Bears. Many people do not realize how deeply affected these animals will be if we continue to rise in the world's temperatures. You can watch the Bears swim underwater as well as play with each other. There is massive boards it detailing around the exhibit many interesting facts about this animal. They have mimicked the natural habitat perfectly and you will see a giant waterfall, a creek and a large pool all for the bears to use.

They constantly upgrade the environment so that all of the polar bears needs are met.  
Give your child the experience of a lifetime him by taking them to this one­of­a­kind polar bear exhibit. It is the kind of memory that will last them a lifetime as well as educate them on something that affects us all, the warming of our planet. Gold coast accommodation are easy to book and you can make your reservations today. For more information on how to book the best Gold coast accommodation, visit

Image Source : Sea World Resort